Calligraphy Health Training Courses

Level 1

Body/Mind/Organ Connection

"Water is Fluid, Soft and Yielding will Overcome Whatever is Rigid and Hard. What is Soft is Strong"

- Lao Tzu

Level 1 is the foundation course for Calligraphy Health. Here you will learn Mindful Meditative Movements, unlearn bad physical habits, relearn how to move more effectively and efficiently and have your first experiences of connecting the body and mind together to work in unison.

We first learn to breath from the DanTian, understand where it is, how to get it working and the major role it plays in the health of your organs. Moving from the Dan Tian teaches us how our emotions effect our movement, our physicality. Understanding this helps in releasing tension, turning the stress volume down and calming the nervous system. This relaxed and calm state is paramount in helping you to connect your inner and outer worlds.

Level 1 teaches you how to move effortlessly, connect with your cells, service your organs for good health and bring the body, mind and emotions into a relaxed state as you start your journey into the internal world of self-healing.

Calligraphy Health Training Courses

Level 2

Spiral Body/Spiral Organ

"First circulate energy, then build it"

- Xian Xing Qi, Hou Yang Qi

Level 2 challenges you to dive deeper into your practice. Ensuring that your practice is not simply a dry physical movement, you learn the importance of the connection between the Dan Tian and the spiral movements of Calligraphy Health, to connect the left, right, top, bottom, back and front sides of the body so that there is an equal and opposite force on all planes ensuring the movement of Qi flows freely like a river throughout the body.

Helping you to understand the profound connection the whole of the body has with the fascia, the deep stretching done in these movements is soft yet all powerful, teaching us to move from the inside out. The body/mind connection is further enriched as we begin to use the spiral movement of the Dan Tian together with intention to move Qi around the body clearing stagnant energy.  As you learn more challenging movements the need to engage in a deeper mindful practice helps to strengthen ones psychological resilience, cultivate the ability to remain calm and centred allowing the body/mind connection to flow smoothly as one.

Level 2 leaves you with a sense of feeling energised, bringing about a deeper more profound sense of happiness as you learn to quieten the chit-chat, be grounded at the centre of your being, bring balance and harmony to your cells and embody and integrate at a deeper level the necessity of no mind movement.

Calligraphy Health Training Courses

Level 3

Heaven In Love

"It is up to us to contact, and make use of, the highest life has to offer. For it is in joining heaven within and heaven without that health is promoted, virtue is cultivated, and destiny is fulfilled"

- Jarrett L.S.

Level 3 - the potency of this level lays in an understanding and utilisation of the Body/Mind  Connection we made in Level 1 and the use of the Spiral in Level 2. With an acceptance of self and our physicality we learn to go to the extreme end of our senses. Our consciousness is opened up allowing us to bring Heaven, Human and Earth to flow together as one, where the walls between internal and external break down. This is when we pass from believing to actualising, experiencing and embodying Body, Mind, Spirit as one.

This Level has the very real power to touch the soul as one truly understands that not only are you and your cells united, but brings with it a deeper sense of unity in recognising that all of life is connected. With an understanding that feelings, intentions, our consciousness is related to the world of matter one can utilise this information to connect to the universe with a much greater awareness, evoking Heaven to manifest in a way that allows transformation to follow. As Master Zhen Hua Yang says this is "Heaven In Love".

Such is the impressive energetic flow to be found in Level 3 it is imperative to have had training in the foundation courses of Level 1 & 2.

Calligraphy Health Training Courses

Level 4

Energy and Vibration

"If you Want to Understand the Secrets of the Universe Think: Energy, Frequency and Vibration"

- Nikola Tesla

Level 4 brings together the past three levels, pushing us to drop all past attachments and future desires, and allow the present to envelope you in its vibration. This is where you get to beyond form, download, tune-in and tune-up to the energy that manifests all life, to allow it to flow through your core and manifest itself inside out as one and the same. Level 4 is where you get to smash the problematic patterns that continue to reside in the deepest recesses of your body and mind, where you meet your outer world with the strength and force of your inner world and where the re-patterning of your cellular structure takes force.

Here Master Zhen Hua Yang has bought together his formidable knowledge of energy, vibration and the body together into a programme that teaches you to connect with your bone marrow, to fully eradicate the blockages and emotional focal points, to pull the problems out by their roots and create new internal song-lines that change the blueprint of your DNA.

The transformation from disconnection to cells smiling and a true sense of peace is accessed through the quality and vibration of your energy. It is bought into being by an awareness of the existence of non-duality, the recognition of oneness and the uninterrupted flow of the infinite well of your Eternal Being - true cells-love.

Calligraphy Health Training Courses


Trauma and Hormones

"When our Mind and Body are Unified there is Energy and Light"

- Long White CLoud

Our workshops on trauma, stress and anxiety combine the best movements from Levels 1,2,3 & 4 that work at bringing the body and mind back into a state of active relaxation. With a focus on calming the breath, focussing the mind, and gentle flowing movement, the practice of Calligraphy Health teaches us how to consciously release tension.

Trauma is held in the body revealing itself in many ways from anxiety and depression through to PTSD. When we are stressed and feeling anxious our breathing patterns change, blood circulation and oxygen to the brain is reduced and oxygen, nutrition and information carried around the body is restricted. This plays a major role in compromising our health and wellbeing. As such learning to breath correctly, to unlearn old bad physical habits and utilise the power of the mind affects us positively at a deep cellular level.

In their natural state cells should be singular and flowing freely. When stuck together or forming clusters they inhibit and reduce the quality of blood moving around the body. Learning to consciously relax and release tension works on breaking up cellular clumping bringing our body back to a state of flow. This plays a pivotal role in the attainment of good health and long-lasting happiness through strengthening our immune and nervous system, improving circulation and raising our energy levels.

All movements are easy to remember and are able to be done in the comfort of your own home.

Calligraphy Health Workshops

International Elbows Course

Exclusive For Females Only

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"

- Bruce Lee

Master Zhen Hua Yang's exceptional knowledge unique background and heritage combines the best of the internal energy systems of Wu Dang, Shaolin, his own ancient Family System, Mian Chuan, Kung Fu (and other systems) in this world class International Elbows Course teaching internal energy cultivation/production and transfer.

During this course you will awaken and open various aspects of the self that help in developing internal strength and the possibility of developing a high level of self-defence for women of any age. This internal strength, when properly understood and used, has an extremely beneficial healing effect on our physical and mental health, inner balance and emotional well-being.


Although this course has a Martial Arts emphasis, like all of Calligraphy Health courses it works on multiple levels; improving brain function through increased blood flow and coordination exercises, balancing a sedentary lifestyle and improving internal organ health. It brings our right and left sides to work together, opens up the body developing strength, balance and flexibility, restoring digestion and hormonal balance, dissolving anxiety and stress as we access our own internal struggle, relax and learn to go deeper, connecting with yourself, your cells.

To the onlooker this appears to be a very physical practice but the movements are designed to be undertaken in a relaxed physical and mental state, as just as in Levels 1-4, the movement originates in the DanTian this is where the hidden power lays.

Calligraphy Health Workshops

Healing from Cancer

Body-Mind-Organ Therapy

"Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, disease does not discriminate. What is inside is what matters"

- Master Zhen Hua Yang


Our cancer courses are run specifically for those who are either undergoing treatment or have recently finished treatment. From both an Eastern and Western medical perspective cancer is created when the body's blood cells stick together. The foundation of this programme is based upon Body-Mind-Organ therapy to release these clumping cells and return blood circualtion to a natural healthy flow.

In Western Medical science the blood cells of cancer patients stick together - this is known as clumping. In a healthy body blood cells move around independently of each other. In accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine this clumping or sticking together of cancer cells creates blockages in the flow of blood and energy around the body and to the organs. Western Medicine also recognises that cancer cells do not like oxygen and cannot live in an environment that is over 39.6 degrees.

CALLIGRAPHY HEALTH works alongside your doctor's treatment to address these problems on four fronts:

1. Utilise the breath, mind and movement to increase one's oxygen intake and raise one's internal body temperature making it hard for  cancer cells to live.

2. Increase blood circulation to clear clumping blood cells by improving your internal capacity to circulate blood

3. Re-train the mind to release fear, quiet the constant "chit-chat" of the mind and replace it with a state of peace and happiness that comes from within

4. Understand the need to eat correctly, that food is our medicine and how food and nutrition effects the body from an Eastern TCM perspective.

We believe that addressing cancer on all levels is a very powerful process resulting in optimal cellular function and returning the body back to a state of homeostasis balance, peace and happiness.The outcomes of this world-first program help to strengthen one's psychological resilience, cultivate one's internal energetic resources and most importantly for cancer patients boosts the immune system. We are happy to report that results of our programs overseas are proving very positive. You are welcome to have medical tests done before and after the course to see for yourself the difference this makes to the body.




Calligraphy Health Workshops

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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