Calligraphy Health is such a unique, deep and powerful system. Master Yang and his system single handedly saved my life. I have practiced many styles all over the world and nothing compares to this. The knowledge that Master Yang holds is extremely rare. Thank you

Jay Daniels


I have been a student under Master Yangs instruction and mentoring for over ten years. His powerful energy combined with free flowing movements is what first drew me to master Yang while he was on an overseas tour in 2006. This energy of his doesn't stop iam still learning more each day on how best to manage my injuries. Master Yangs depth of knowledge is thousands of years old and is also connected personally to Master Yang thru his family lineage. Iam so grateful to have a teacher with real depth and experience. I feel privileged to have Master Yangs time on a yearly basis who shares his knowledge on how to deal with pain and injuries-Physical and Non-Physical.

Thankyou Master Yang

Alexander McDonald


I started training under a student of Master Yang around 2004, attracted at first by the always impressive breaking of stones and bending of steel. I kept coming back for the intense high after a training session. In 2005 i met Master Yang at a workshop in Perth Australia. It was long and intensive, and mind blowing in its beautiful simplicity. For the first time after years of enjoying the physical side of martial arts training i started to have a growing awareness of the cultivation of mine own energy, or qi, in my body. I became hooked, this was real and tangible! Over the years even in hard times in life, I always find myself coming back to this feeling of connection and cultivation that I get from my training in Yang Mian, and now even more, in Calligraphy Health.
With a full heart I highly recommend this results oriented 'living' art as taught direct from the family linage of Master Yang. a rare opportunity.... much success in your training present and future...

Aharon Henderson


Calligraphy Yoga takes your practice to the next level. It is a deep practice that heals and simply makes you feel wonderful . I call it meditation in movement, bringing bliss to mind body and soul.

Simone Dole


Training with Master Yang is life changing!

Katya Mourits

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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