Level 2: Spiral Body/Spiral Organ

Level 2 builds upon and integrates at a deeper level the groundwork of the foundation course.

This level is designed to increase flexibility and strength by lengthening and strengthening muscles and tendons. This is combined with a deeper understanding of the importance of using the Dan Tian and spiral movement, of working from the inside out, to maintain health through body/mind/organ connection.

New movements are introduced that are more challenging than the foundation course but it leaves you with a feeling of being more grounded and energised.

To secure your place on the course please choose on of the options below.


Venue: Sky Temple
Starting: 7:00 AM
Monday 12th July 2021
Ending: 4:00 PM
Wednesday 21st July 2021
Phone Enquiries: 1300 553 813
Email Enquiries: info@calligraphyhealth.com


Receive a BONUS discount of one thousand dollars by booking two courses. Note: these courses must be taken back-to-back eg Level 1 & 2 or Level 3 & 4.


Event Registration


Ticket Price Qty
Level 2 Course Only$2,500.00 AUD
Level 2&3 Course Only Deposit$1,500.00 AUD
Level 2&3 Course + Accom + Food$5,400.00 AUD
Level 2&3 Course + Accom + Food Deposit$1,700.00 AUD
Level 2 Course Only Deposit$800.00 AUD
Level 2&3 Course Only$4,000.00 AUD
Level 2 Course + Accommodation + Food$3,200.00 AUD
Level 2 Course + Accommodation + Food Deposit$1,000.00 AUD

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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