Copy of Level 1: Body/Mind/Organ Connection

Calligraphy Health Foundation Course.

This course teaches you how to connect with your self, your cells, to release tension and to move effortlessly.You will be guided through the practical teachings of Calligraphy Qi Gong including breathing techniques, 3-dimensional physical movements, the basics of energy circulation and meditation. By bringing the body, mind and emotions into a relaxed state you allow the healing process to take place.

Suitable for both beginners as well as experienced students who want to revisit what they have learned and take their practice to a deeper level.

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Venue: Sky Temple
Starting: 7:00 AM
Thursday 7th January 2021
Ending: 4:00 PM
Saturday 16th January 2021
Phone Enquiries: 1300 553 813
Email Enquiries:


Receive a BONUS discount of one thousand dollars by booking two courses. Note: these courses must be taken back-to-back eg Level 1 & 2 or Level 3 & 4.


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Ticket Price Qty
Level 1 Course + Accommodation + Food$3,200.00 AUD
Level 1 Course + Accommodation + Food Deposit$1,000.00 AUD
Level 1 Course Only$2,500.00 AUD
Level 1&2 Course Only$4,000.00 AUD
Level 1&2 Course Only Deposit$1,500.00 AUD
Level 1&2 Course + Accom + Food$4,700.00 AUD
Level 1&2 Course + Accom + Food Deposit$1,700.00 AUD
Level 1 Course Only Deposit$800.00 AUD

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

Experience an 8 min Breath Practice with Master Zhen Hua Yang

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