Level 2: Spiral Body-Spiral Organ

This level is designed to increase flexibility and strength by lengthening and strengthening muscles and tendons. This is combined with a deeper understanding of the importance of using the Dan Tian and spiral movement, of working from the inside out, to maintain health through body/mind/organ connection.

New movements are introduced that are more challenging than the foundation course but it leaves you with a feeling of being more grounded and energised.

If you would like more information on Level 1 Training please check under "Training" here on our website.


Level 1 (9days) - 1380 Euro   ---  Level 1 & 2 (18 days) - 2480 Euro

Register with Master Zhen Hua Yang 11300 553 813 (Australia) or email info@calligraphyhealth.com

(if you need help with translation please contact Martina Zatkova)


Hotel Shellys (from 42 Euro for twin room) 30 mins walk from Lighthouse Club. Contact Martina Zatkova

Hotel Lux (from 47 Euro for twin room --- 65 Euro for Triple Room) 10 minute walk from Lighthouse Club. Contact Martina Zatkova

Impiq Hotel (from 79 Euro for twin room) 25 mins walk from Lighthouse Club

Lighthoue Club (9 days 15 Euros per person per night) or (18 days 10 Euros per person per night). Accomodation is on a mattress on the floor in the beautiful practice room. Contact Martina Zatkova

Note: there are many other hotels to choose from in Trnava.


This will be held on Oct 10th 2020 at 18:00 at the Lighthouse club, Bulharská 37, 91701 Trnava, Slovakia. Register with Martina Zatkova


Breakfast (vegan, vegetarian) 5 Euro

Lunch (vegan, vegetarian) 7 Euro

Dinner (vegan, vegetarian) 7 Euro

Note :all food is vegan/vegetarian and eaten at the Lighthouse Club

Contact Martina Zatkova


Martina Zatkova, Lighthouse Club, +421903593777, zatkova@lighthouseclub.sk


Venue: Slovakia
Starting: 8:00 AM
Monday 11th October 2021
Ending: 4:00 PM
Tuesday 19th October 2021
Phone Enquiries: info@calligraphyhealth.com

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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