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"Every cell in your body has a negative internal charge (-) and a positive external charge (+).
Your cells are like batteries; receiving and transmitting energy. With training and meditation you can focus your energy called Qi [Ch'i/ Ki/ Prana, Life Force, Vital Force], and you can use that energy for healing."

- Master Zhen Hua Yang

Key Benefits of Cellular Evolution

- Optimal Health
- Joy & Happiness
- Balanced Emotional State
- Harmonious & Peaceful Mind
- Life Extension (Longevity)

Healthy cells

are well-formed, plump, round, separate, well-ordered, and efficient in oxygen, nutrient and information delivery

Blood cells in
- Order
- Harmony
- Function
= Ease /Health

Unhealthy cells

are dis-figured, dis-ordered, clumping together (coagulating), and inefficient transport in oxygen, nutrient and information delivery

Blood cells in
= Dis-Ease 

Cell Evolution | Calligraphy Health

Cellular Evolution

activates Higher-Order Harmony & Balance
resulting in Optimal Cell Function

The frequency of our vibrations (our energy or state of being) informs our cells, our well-being, and therefore our health & longevity.

Balanced, harmonious vibrations = good energy

Un-balanced, dis-harmonious vibrations = bad energy

The better the energy, the greater the state of wellbeing. The greater your State of Well-Being, the more easily Health is experienced as your natural State of Being

Cell Evolution | Calligraphy Health

How are Energy, Frequency & Vibration Health Related?

"Vibration informs our health and changes the cells of the body"

- Dr Bruce Lipton PhD

Matter is energy vibrated into materialised form. The way the form expresses as matter (eg. solid/ liquid/ gas/ crystal) depends on the vibrational frequency. Depending on the vibrational frequency, energy may also express in less physical forms (eg. sound, light, temperature, colour), as well as metaphysical forms (eg. thought, space/time, super-human abilities, super-natural phenomena).

Your Emotional State, and your Psychological State = Your 'State of Being'. In other words, your State of Being operates at a Vibrational Frequency which matches your Emotional & Psychological State. Creating a happy, warm, loving home for your cells changes your vibrational frequency and State of Being. Calligraphy Health teaches you exactly these methods; transmitting the ancient wisdom to train your energy & your thoughts - teaching you to change your Cellular Regeneration, your Cell's Evolution.

"Training is to make a deep, peaceful lake within, for your cells to come home to feel warm, safe and truly happy"

- Master Zhen Hua Yang

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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