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Transmission From a Master

Posted by Pam Hellens on 8 August 2019
Transmission From a Master

"Transmission is The Vibration You Are Passing on Through The Body" - Master Zhen Hua Yang

Master Zhen Hua Yang has founded his life's work on the transmission of knowledge and information that has been handed down to him through the ancient lineage of his for-fathers, as well as 45 years of his own internal energetic practices. Not only has this given him a deep understanding of Movement, Meditation, Energy, Frequency and Vibration but it is the quality and harmony of his own Frequency and Vibration that has raised him to the level of a Master. His energy field has a breadth, depth and power that expands well beyond the limitations of his physical body. The transmission he received from his for-fathers and that which he has gained over his life's work is very real and very present.

The Transmission of energy and vibration from one person to another for the purpose of healing and helping people to reach their full potential, is nothing new to the Masters and Grand Masters of the internal energetic systems of ancient China and indigenous cultures world-wide. Even now the new world of Quantum Physics is studying what is essentially another name for Transmission - Energy Entanglement, "... energy entanglement (wherein one energy source couples and influences another energy source)" Lipton, B., PhD, p109. These studies are looking at what influences biological behaviour, that is how energy and vibration affects the environment around it; how one person can affect their own environment or the surrounding environment.

Traditionally in China having the gift of transmission for the purposes of healing is something that is not available to all teachers and traditionally, not available to students outside of the Dojo or Monastery, until they have shown they are both serious about practice and responsible enough to use this gift wisely as being in class, in the same environment as a Master places the student inside their energy field - the energy and vibration of the Master circulating the life-giving powers of Qi. 

The vibrational frequency emitted around the room has the capacity to heal if one is open to receiving it. As such the possibility of receiving transmission from Master Zhen Hua Yang in class is a very real phenomena, providing the student is open to it - just as Master Yang was receptive with his teachers, resonating with and receiving their energetic vibrations. For Transmission to take place there must first of all be a connection - the student has to trust the teacher and the teacher has to trust the student. For one to receive, the heart must be open.

This teacher to student transmission, is accelerating and nourishing the latent potential within. It is re-calibrating our own energy and vibration. It is a gift of the divine from the Master to the student

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