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The Mind as CEO

Posted by Pam Hellens on 1 August 2019
The Mind as CEO

"The Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider them as independent elements" Lipton, B.H., PhD, 2015, pg 89.

A Mindless Heart or a Heartless Mind, neither is a balanced state. Just as neither of these states on their own is desirable in Chinese thought, so it is with the practice of Calligraphy Health. Cultivating the Mind and the Heart to work together in a balanced way is part of Calligraphy Health and Qi Gong training. The idea of the mind and the generation of thoughts can be translated in two ways in China - "Xin" or emotional mind and "Yi" or wisdom mind. Although either can generate thoughts those that originate from your Yi mind tend to be related to clear, calm and peaceful thinking whilst those that originate from your Xin mind are associated with feelings and emotions. "In Qi Gong training, regulating your mind means using your wisdom mind (Yi) to regulate your emotional mind (Xin)" Dr Yang, J., M.

In the Calligraphy Health system to regulate your Xin or emotional mind, training places emphasis upon turning one's focus or mind inwards, away from outside stimuli and connecting with the Yi Mind or Intention. Connection with the Yi mind is most important for it is through our intention that we are able to change the structure of our cells.  It is our environment, our thoughts and information that sends signals to the cells memory which overtime plays out by regulating and changing our biology.

This is seen in the ground-breaking work of Quantum Physics and the new world of Epigenetics whereby energy/mind and matter/body are indivisible. Barrier's that once separated the paradigms of Eastern Chinese Medical systems, founded upon Qi or Universal Energy/Life Force, and Western Medical Systems, founded upon Newtonian laws that separated matter and energy are finally breaking down and finding common ground.

It is no longer a secret that the environment of our cells influences the biology of the human body. The use of the mind to return the body to a state of good health is basically what research in the world of Quantum Physics has found "... that brain cells translate the mind's perceptions (beliefs) of the world into complementary and unique chemical profiles that, when secreted into the blood, control the fate of the body's 50 trillion cells" (Lipton, B., PhD, p139). It has been proven beyond doubt that it is signals from the cells' environment that informs cellular memory and the subsequent outcome of cellular structure - the body. 

Here at Calligraphy Health we call that Cellular Evolution. The reality of changing your cellular structure though the evolution of your cells is something that Traditional Chinese Medicine has always known. That the body renews its cells over time is something that Western Medicine also knows. For example, the liver renews itself with new cells every 100-500 days, the lining and surface of the stomach and intestines every 5 days, whilst the bones that make up the skeletal system take a whooping full 10 years to complete the process, (web; Opfer, C., "How Stuff Works - Science"). In the Western Medical model however understanding the role the mind plays in influencing the health of our cells is now seen as a possibility that is backed up by science. It is now up to us to replace those old cells with healthier ones.

As Master Zhen Hua Yang consistently reminds us it is You/the Mind that is the CEO - you tell your employees, your cells, what to do. It is your body's intelligence and internal healing power that needs to develop a deep connection with every cell of the body for "... in a community of cells, each cell must relinquish control to the informed decisions of its awareness authority, the brain. The brain controls the behaviour of the body's cells" (Lipton, B., PhD, p126). The CEO or the authority lies in the calm, clear thinking of one's Yi mind. "Regulating your Xin involves using your Yi and conscious feeling to stop the activity in your Xin, setting it free from the bondage of ideas, emotions, and conscious thoughts" Dr Yang, J., M. This in essence is what is known in the West as Mindfulness using the mind to stay present of not obsessing about the past or the future.

Training programs that focus upon having awareness and control over your mind, to access the subconscious mind and reprogram it for happy, healthy functioning are becoming more evident the world over. The outcomes of studies around the world of students doing mindful meditative practices: seated meditation or moving meditations such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga and the benefits of these practices are undeniable (Web; A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi). This has become a fact of daily life so much so that such programs and classes based upon these practices are being introduced into Schools, the Armed Forces, major corporations worldwide and undertaken by people of all ages upon advice from their local GP.

Now that we can see that the mind has the ability to control cells functioning, that mindfulness practice can bring about changes in cellular structure and that "... positive perceptions of the mind enhance health by engaging immune functions", (Lipton, B., PhD, p140) it is important to be aware that the inverse is also true - that negative thoughts can precipitate dis-ease. As such, the way in which we use the mind " to develop the ability to regulate an internal state independent of the conditions in their external environment "(Dispenza, J.,) is of the utmost importance.

A balanced, calm sound mental state ensures that the environment of the physical body is also in a balanced, calm and peaceful state. With the pace of modern life, the daily barrage of information and the subsequent overload on our mental functioning it is ever more important that the physical body, in particular the organ systems are working together in harmony.

It can no longer be ignored that in the Art of Healing in both Eastern paradigms and in the new world of Western science, on particular Epigenetics, the mind plays a major role in changing the Cellular Evolution of the body. The body and mind are inseparable - the power of the mind, the way in which we think has enormous consequences for our Health, our Happiness and our Longevity.

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