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Articles, References & Readings

Posted by Pam Hellens on 3 September 2019
Articles, References & Readings

Books and Websites referred to in articles by Pam Hellens

IIf you are interested in reading more would highly recommend any of these books - Pam



  • The WAY of QIGONG - the art and science of Chinese energy healing., Cohen, Kenneth, S., (1997) A classic and must read if yuo are looking for an overview and understanding of the art of Qi Gong. Written by a QI Gong Master and China scholar.
  • BECOMING SUPERNATURAL - how common people are doing the uncommon., Dr Dispenza, Joe, (2017) At the intersection of Body/Mind, Energy/Matter connection, this is all about re-programming yourself - heavily  grounded in research and science.
  • The SPARK in the MACHINE - how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine., Dr Keown, Daniel., (2014). Vital reading that connects YIn/Yang, TCM and Western Medical systems from a medical doctor and acupuncturist.
  • The BIOLOGY of BELIEF - unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles., Dr Lipton, Bruce, H., (2016) Cell biology, quantum physics and transforming your life all wrapped up in this one powerful book.
  • The ROOT of CHINESE QIGONG - secrets for health, longevity and enlightenment., Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming (1997) Best for those who have been practicing a while Dr Yang (a prolific writer), takes you deeper into the workings of Qi,
  • The BRAIN that CHANGES ITSELF - stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of science., Doidge, N., MD (2010) This is all about neuro-plasticity and the abuity of the brain to change itself.
  • NOURISHING DESTINY - the inner tradition of Chinese medicine., Jarrett, Lonny, S., 2015 Beautifuly rewrites and integrates philosophy, cosmology and mythology of Chinese medicine and for the TCM practitioner how this informs one of elemental archtypes and acupunture points
  • SCIENCE of BREATH: A Practical Guide, Rama Swami, Ballentine R., M.D., Hymes, A., M.D., 1979 Althugh an older book gives practical info from the persepctive of a Swami, Physchiatrist and cardio-vacular Surgeon on the interrelantionship between breath, body and mind
  • THE BODY KEEPS the SCORE: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma, Van Der Kolk, B., 2015. Drawing on 30 years of experience and trained in traditional methods of helping trauma victims psychiatrist Van der Kolk turns upside down the standard drug treatment approach to looking at How the Body Keeps the Score and argues compellingly why it doesnt work and the need for alternative therapy.

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