Calligraphy Health Benefits

"Calligraphy Health resets the nervous system, rejuvenates your body, calms your mind and reverses your biological aging process"

- Master Zhen Hua Yang

Master Yang teaches us what is at the core of most health problems being suffered by many in the Western world these days. How best to avoid problems and how best to treat ourselves.

The health benefits include absence of pain, ongoing energy, strength and mobility into old age. These techniques that have been practised and perfected for millennia are part of the Calligraphy Health system.

Results are immediate through calming the nervous system, reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety short term. Over the long term the ongoing regulation and functioning of the organs brings the body back into a state of harmony, flowing like a river with peace and clarity.

Immediate Results

Connection Between Body, Mind and Spirit

- Enhanced Mobility
- Relief From Pain
- Increased Blood Circulation
- Inceased Energy Levels

- Deeper Better Sleep
- Sense of Deep Relaxation
- Greater Focus
- Feeling Calm and Centred

Calligraphy Health Benefits
Calligraphy Health Benefits
Calligraphy Health Benefits

Long Term Benefits

Restoration of Optimal Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

- Improved Organ Function
- Slowing of Biological Aging
- Ongoing Increase of Energy Levels
- Greater Immunity

- Increased Body Awareness
- Body, Mind & Spirit Alignment
- Deepest Level of Cellular Re-structuring
- Peace & Happiness at a Cellular Level

Through the Calligraphy Health teachings, Master Yang integrates science and the simple
laws of nature to restore our whole being - - Body, Mind & Spirit - - to its natural state of Health and Well-Being

"It is the mind that controls your breathing and is the force that moves your Qi"

- Dr Yang, J.M.

"The Highest Level of Living is with No Sickness,
No Pain and Passing Away Natural"

-Master Zhen Hua Yang

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